Online Demo on Completion of Employer's Return (BIR56A/IR56B)

Step 6: Complete and Save Return

Click the "Save for Submission" button to save the draft return in your computer or other storage device if the information is in order. The filer can then use the "Completion and/or Submission of Employer's Return" service to retrieve the file for submission.

When saving return, the following screen will pop up.

The default filename will include part of your business registration number and one of the following:-
(a) form type and year; or
(b) date and time of saving the file.

Examples :
Type of Return file Default filename
BIR56A/IR56B ER-XXXX0001-BIR56A-2012-draft.dat
IR6036B/IR56M ER-XXXX0001-IR6036B-2012-draft.dat
IR56B/E/F/G/M ER-XXXX0001-20120430-123050.dat

Draft will be displayed upon saving a draft return file.
Changing the filename is allowed.