Online Demo on Completion of Employer's Return (IR6036B/IR56M)

Step 6: Complete and Save Return

When saving return, the following screen will pop up.

The default filename will include part of your business registration number and one of the following:-
(a) form type and year; or
(b) date and time of saving the file.

Examples :
Type of Return file Default filename
BIR56A/IR56B ER-XXXX0001-BIR56A-2012-draft.dat
IR6036B/IR56M ER-XXXX0001-IR6036B-2012-draft.dat
IR56B/E/F/G/M ER-XXXX0001-20120430-123050.dat

Draft will be displayed upon saving a draft return file.
Changing the filename is allowed.