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Download Forms

Form No.:
Form Title:
  • Since built-in PDF viewer of some browsers may not be able to perform the functions embedded in the fillable PDF form properly, please download the fillable PDF form to local drive, open and complete the form by using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, please ensure that it is set as the default PDF viewer (How to set).
  • For Chrome user, please right click on the downloaded PDF file in "download bar" at the bottom of the screen and select "Open with system viewer" (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader).
    Open PDF by Acrobat Reader
  • For Firefox user (see below)
    Open PDF by Acrobat Reader
  • After completion, you can either:
    • print the filled form for signature and submit the signed form with the tax return in paper form; or
    • export the filled form to XML file and upload the XML file via the Profits Tax Return e-Filing Services under GovHK for submission of the tax return through electronic filing.
  • Submission of the paper form can be made by post or in person to our offices.