2002-03 Annual Report, Inland Revenue Department
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Environmental Report


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Green Management Policy

As the activities of the Department are mainly office-based, its green targets are mainly related to the consumption of paper and energy in the office. To ensure its services to the public as well as its internal operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner, the Department has adopted the following principles :

(a) All the Department's operations should be in compliance with the relevant environmental protection ordinances.

(b) The Department should avoid, reduce or control environmental pollution arising from its day-to-day working practice. In particular, it should exercise the principles of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" in the consumption of materials.

(c) The Department will require its contractors to adopt and implement sound environmental management systems and pollution control measures in support of an environmental responsibility for its service.

(d) The Department will ensure that all staff are aware of its Green Management Policy and will provide information about its Policy and initiatives to those who are interested.

(e) The Department will provide training for staff to increase awareness and promote continual improvement in protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Green Management and Promotion of Green Awareness

Green Management

Chaired by the Departmental Secretary, the Green Manager of the Department, and composed of green executives from Units, Sections and staff-side groups, the Environment and Records Management Committee has sought staff suggestions, set directions in our green policies and issued a series of green office guidelines. Various green initiatives have also been explored.

Green Education

The Department makes every endeavour to nourish environmental friendliness and awareness among its staff and taxpayers. Informative materials on environmental protection displayed on notice boards are regularly updated. Stickers promoting good environmental practices, such as saving water and energy, are affixed at relevant facilities.

To promote healthy living among staff, the IRD Sports Association had organized a variety of educational activities during the year, including tours and hiking activities in the countryside, and talks introducing countryside scenery and organic farming.

Environmental Protection Performance

Balancing operational needs with environmental care and social responsibility, the Department has targeted its efforts in maintaining a healthy working environment with satisfactory air quality, as well as in attaining energy saving, waste minimization and recovery together with reduction of paper consumption.

Working Environment

The smoke-free workplace policy has been strictly implemented and monitored. All the Department's indoor areas are smoke-free. Non-smoking signs are displayed at conspicuous locations to invite the cooperation of visitors.

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Measurement had been conducted in 2002-03 by specialists of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department on various floors in the Department's office and reception areas. Results of the measurement taken in August and September 2002 indicated that air quality within the measured locations complied with the directive values adopted by the Environmental Protection Department.

Energy Saving

The Department has implemented various measures to reduce electricity consumption, including arranging last-man-out to check and switch off electric facilities, and identifying and replacing defective equipment. Notwithstanding this, a slight increase in electricity consumption had been recorded in the year. This was mainly due to a number of fitting-out works in Revenue Tower which were very often required to be carried out outside the office hours. It is anticipated that the consumption level will become more stable in the coming year.

Waste Minimization and Waste Recovery

To collect waste collectively and more effectively, green bags or boxes are placed near printing rooms, photocopiers and in suitable locations for collection of recyclable paper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Used printer cartridges are also collected for recycling. The Department collected some 400,000 kg of waste paper, 52 kg aluminum cans and 67 kg plastic bottles in 2002-03.

Reduction of Paper Consumption

To economize on paper and envelope consumption, the Department had adopted various measures, some being new initiatives, during the year :

• Encourage both internal and external communication by e-mail and floppy diskettes.
• Make optimum use of the Department's newly developed Intranet to enable more environmental friendly, updated and speedy internal information transmission.
• Replace the pre-printed forms with templates or use the technology of overlay printing. The number of obsolete forms resulting from the change of regulations or directives has been greatly reduced by some 489,000 as compared with 2001-02.
• Promote the use of multiple screen method in printing on-line enquiries.
• Encourage the public to file tax returns electronically and use our electronic services under the Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Scheme.
• Develop the Computer Output On-line Retrieval System to facilitate on-line report viewing. In 2002-03, a saving of some 372,000 folds of paper has been achieved in dispensing with hard copy reports.

During the year, the consumption of paper and envelopes were some 189,000 reams and 20,928,000 pieces respectively.

New Initatives and Targets

In pursuance of achieving continuous improvement in efficient use of resources and energy, the Department is committed to enhancing its green performance through formulating and working towards new initiatives and targets of environmental protection. Effort will be made to contain the growth of electricity and paper consumption. "Green Corner" on the Intranet will be set up to provide latest information on environmental protection. Floor green ambassadors will also be appointed for promoting green awareness and implementing environmental programmes.

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