Human Resources

Organisation Chart of the Inland Revenue Department
as at 31.3.2014


The Commissioner, the two Deputy Commissioners and the five Assistant Commissioners, together with the Departmental Secretary, form the top management of the Inland Revenue Department.

Members of the Top Management of the Inland Revenue Department (as at 31.3.2014)

Mr WONG Kuen-fai

Mr TAM Tai-pang
Deputy Commissioner

Mr CHIU Kwok-kit
Deputy Commissioner

Mr CHIU Sai-ming
Assistant Commissioner
(Headquarters Unit)

Ms LEE Kong-chun, Doris
Assistant Commissioner
(Unit 1)

Miss TSUI Siu-fong, Maria
Assistant Commissioner
(Unit 2)

Ms TSE Yuk-yip
Assistant Commissioner
(Unit 3)

Ms CHAN Fung-kuen
Assistant Commissioner
(Unit 4)

Ms LEE Kit-yee, Fion
Departmental Secretary

As at 31 March 2014, the Department had an establishment of 2,826 permanent posts (including 26 directorate posts) in the Commissioner's Office and the 6 Units of the Department. Of the total, 1,891 posts were in departmental grades (namely Assessor, Taxation Officer and Tax Inspector grades), performing duties directly concerned with taxation. The remaining 935 posts were in common / general grades, providing administrative, information technology and clerical support services (Figure 36).

Figure 36Staff establishment

Most of the professional officers serving in the Department were below the age of 45 (Figure 37). The ratio of male to female professional officers was 1:1.6.

Figure 37Age profile of professionals (on strength basis)
Age Group Male Female Total
Below 25 8 (3%) 18 (5%) 26 (4%)
25 to below 35 36 (13%) 122 (28%) 158 (23%)
35 to below 45 71 (26%) 122 (28%) 193 (27%)
45 to below 55 118 (44%) 137 (32%) 255 (36%)
55 and over 39 (14%) 30 (7%) 69 (10%)
Total 272 (100%) 429 (100%) 701 (100%)

Staff Promotions and Turnover

In 2013-14, a total of 56 departmental grade officers and 18 common / general grade officers were promoted. Among them, 7 were in directorate rank. 176 officers joined the Department, of which 147 were new appointees and 29 were officers transferred from other grades / departments. A total of 143 officers (including 52 transferred to other departments) left the Department.

Training and Development

Staff are the Department's valuable assets. We recognize the importance of providing opportunities of continuous learning to our staff to keep them abreast of the changing environment and to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform their duties. A variety of training courses in taxation, accounting, interpersonal skills, management, languages, etc. are offered to staff members. In 2013-14, our staff received training for a total of 9,178 man-days, which was equivalent to about 3.25 man-days per officer.

The major training activities during 2013-14 were as below:

Training Courses


Continuing Professional Education

12 seminars were held by the Training Committee under the in-house Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programme on the following subjects for professional officers:

Speakers for 4 of the seminars were staff members and others were experts from various fields. A total of 1,529 staff members attended these seminars. The video files of the CPE seminars were uploaded onto the Intranet and a total of 542 staff members had viewed these video files.

International Workshop

In December 2013, the Department hosted jointly with the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) a 4-day Workshop on Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution and Avoidance in Hong Kong. The workshop aims to broaden and deepen participants' knowledge of transfer pricing issues. 3 experts on transfer pricing from the OECD and tax authorities of Germany and the United Kingdom conducted the workshop. 11 tax administrators from the Mainland, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam together with 14 professional officers from the Department participated in the workshop. In addition, 10 professional officers from the Department attended the workshop as observers.

Overseas and China Training

In order that our professional officers may broaden their horizons and acquire the necessary knowledge to cope with new and complex global issues, they are sent to participate in overseas training programmes. In 2013-14, 48 officers went to China, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam to attend training courses on different issues, 17 to universities in China for national studies courses and 3 to cities in China for thematic study programmes.

Continuous Learning

Besides the conventional classroom training, the Department employs various means to promote continuous self-learning. These include encouraging staff to take the web courses provided by the CLC Plus of CSTDI and providing financial support to officers to attend seminars and courses organised by academic and professional institutes. In 2013-14, 36 officers were sponsored by the Department to attend the relevant courses. Training materials and information are uploaded onto our Intranet for officers to study in their own time and at their own pace. This provides an effective way for the staff to acquire new knowledge and refresh what they have learnt.

Mentorship Scheme

A Mentorship Scheme for Assistant Assessors has been set up since 2008. Under this scheme, experienced officers (the mentors) will guide newly recruited Assistant Assessors (the mentees) to broaden their perception about the Department such as the organisation structure, work, connection and culture, and help them integrate into the civil service.

Staff Relations and Welfare

The Department values staff relations and welfare. Maintaining effective communication, and promoting co-operation and mutual trust between the management and staff at all levels are of utmost importance in enhancing the Department's operational efficiency and productivity.

The Departmental Consultative Committee

The Departmental Consultative Committee provides a formal and effective platform for the management and staff to exchange views on matters of mutual concern such as recruitment, promotion, career posting, training, working environment, staff welfare, office security and safety. The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Commissioner (Operations) and composed of representatives from all staff unions / associations and staff groups in the Department.

The General Grades Consultative Committee

The General Grades Consultative Committee, chaired by the Departmental Secretary, allows staff members of the secretarial and clerical grades to discuss with the management issues of specific interest to their grades.

The “Meet-the-Staff Programme”

First launched in 1996-97, the “Meet-the-Staff Programme” enables the senior management of each Unit and staff of different sections / groups to exchange ideas face to face on departmental and service-wide issues in an open and relaxed manner. It serves to supplement the formal consultative channel and effectively enhances communication between staff and the management.

The IRD Staff Suggestions Scheme

In 2013-14, 2 out of 8 suggestions received under the IRD Staff Suggestions Scheme were granted cash awards and certificates of commendation in recognition of their contributions to enhancing operational efficiency and quality of services of the Department.

The Inland Revenue Department Newsletter

The quarterly Departmental Newsletter is another channel of communication between staff and the management. It serves to promote a sense of belonging in the Department. Service-related issues, staff movement, staff welfare, information technology, environmental protection, occupational and safety matters are disseminated through articles contributed by staff and unit management. The Newsletter also provides a regular roundup on the recreational activities organised by the IRD Sports Association as well as volunteer activities organised by the IRD Volunteer Team.

The Inland Revenue General Staff Welfare Fund

Established in 1972, the Inland Revenue General Staff Welfare Fund operates on funds donated by staff on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the Fund is to provide within a short time small amount of interest free financial assistance, as an additional and quick emergency relief, to help staff in unexpected financial hardship. The Fund is managed by a Governing Committee, chaired by the Departmental Secretary and composed of staff representatives from the Departmental Consultative Committee, the General Grades Consultative Committee and the IRD Sports Association. The Claims Sub-committee, formed under the Governing Committee, considers and approves applications for financial assistance made by staff.

Commissioner's Commendation Letter Scheme

In 2013-14, 45 officers, who have provided outstanding service for a long period of time, were awarded the Commissioner's Commendation Letter in recognition of their exemplary performance. The presentation ceremony was held in April 2014.

Secretary for the Civil Service Commendation Award 2013

In 2013, a Taxation Officer and a Data Preparation Supervisor were awarded the Secretary for the Civil Service's Commendation in recognition of their exceptionally meritorious and consistently outstanding performance. The presentation ceremony was held in November 2013.

The Long and Meritorious Service Travel Award Scheme

In 2013-14, 26 officers with long and meritorious service were granted awards of overseas travel under the Long and Meritorious Service Travel Award Scheme.

The IRD Sports Association

The mission of Sports Association is to promote the intellectual, social and athletic interests of its members. It helps foster better relationship and sense of belonging among colleagues. Throughout the year, the Association organised a wide range of activities including interest classes, workshops, luncheon talks, sports competition, outings and cross-border trip. All the activities were well received by colleagues, their family members and friends. 2013-14 marked the 60th Anniversary of the Association. To celebrate the event, the Association organised a variety show in September. Over 500 performers, guests and audience joined the show and had a very enjoyable evening. A Gala Dinner was also arranged in December with more than 600 colleagues and guests to join the celebration. It was a dinner full of joy and fun.

The IRD Volunteer Team under the auspices of the Association continues to participate actively in numerous charitable and community works, extending love and care to everywhere in the society. Throughout the year, 339 colleagues participated in 23 events recording a total of 2,378 service hours. In recognition of our continuous efforts in caring the community, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service awarded the “5 Years Plus Caring Organisation Logo” to the Department. This marked the 9th consecutive year in which the Department was granted the award.

On the charity front, the Association actively took part in various fund-raising activities, like “Medecins Sans Frontieres Day”, “ORBIS Pin Campaign”, “Skip-A-Meal Campaign” and “Lifeline Express Charity Run/Walkathon”. With generous support by our colleagues, the Department won the championship of the “Organisation with the Most Participants” and the first runner-up of the “Top Five Fundraising Organisations” in “ORBIS Pin Campaign”.