Information Technology

The Department has been making extensive use of information technology to enhance operational efficiency and provide a wide range of electronic services to the public.

IT Environment

The Department has a comprehensive and integrated IT infrastructure, including different types of computer application systems and platforms. The Department's network connects the computer system and staff workstations on different floors. Assessment process is automated by the “Assess-First-Audit-Later” system. Tax audit and investigation work is facilitated by the use of data mining and advanced analytical tools. With extensive utilization of the Document Management System and Workflow Management System, the management, control and monitoring of documents, files and workflows are strengthened. Apart from adopting computerized workflow to enhance efficiency, a wide range of information is stored in the Department's Intranet and General Enquiry Knowledge Database for convenient access by our staff at work. Moreover, e-mail and Internet facilities provide an efficient and environment-friendly communication platform for our staff.

In 2013-14, we continued to develop the system infrastructure enhancement project. Stage I and II of the project have already been completed. Regarding Stage III of the project for migration of mainframe applications, system analysis and design work remains in progress.

Electronic Services


eTAX provides a wide range of online tax services to the public. It includes internet filing of tax returns, stamping of property documents, business registration enquiries, electronic notices, payments and lodgement of applications, etc.

In April 2013, the Department further enhanced the e-filing services to provide a convenient means for employers to submit employer's returns of remuneration and pensions. Employers can now upload through eTAX employees' remuneration records that were prepared with software approved or provided by the Department.

The Department's online services are widely used. As at 31 March 2014, there were some 530,000 registered eTAX users. The take-up rate increased year after year (Figure 35).

Figure 35eTAX Usage Statistics

Internet filing of tax returns      
       • Tax Return-Individuals, Property Tax Return and
         Profits Tax Return
386,411 423,555 +9.6%
       • Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pensions      
           BIR56A 4,684 7,468 +59.4%
           IR56B 28,367 57,174 +101.6%
       • Employer's Notifications of Commencement of Employment,
         Cessation of Employment and Employee's Departure from
         Hong Kong
10,168 14,890 +46.4%
Stamping of Property Document 302,239 223,656 -26%
Business Registration Number Enquiry 2,944,391 2,710,228 -8%
Application for Supply of Information on the Business Register      
         Requisition 117,094 124,242 +6.1%
         Business registrations involved 278,693 292,532 +5%

Other Electronic Services

During 2013-14, some 45,100 employers furnished annual returns for 2,763,000 employees by diskettes or CD-ROMs. About 71% of these employers used the free software provided by the Department.