1999-2000 Annual Report, Inland Revenue Department
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Information Technology


Year 2000 Compliance | Office Automation | Submission of Employer's Return | Application system for Business Registration


Year 2000 Compliance

The rectification work for all non-compliant systems was completed in June 1999. A departmental contingency plan had also been drawn up and tested in the second half of the year. As a result of our good work, the Department had a smooth and orderly transition to the new millennium.

Office Automation

The Department continued to expand its computer network to support office automation and end-user computing. The total number of workstations rose to about 1,750 as at 31 March 2000. During the year, on-line enquiry and updating transactions totalled 30.2 million and 6.1 million respectively while 18 million transactions were processed in the batch mode.

Submission of Employer's Return

During the year, some 25,000 employers furnished their returns containing details of emoluments of some 1,380,000 employees by means of magnetic tapes or disks. Of the total, some 18,000 employers used the software developed by the Department to furnish returns in respect of some 530,000 employees.

Application system for Business Registration

The redeveloped application system for Business Registration was implemented in April 1999. During the year, some 250,000 enquiries were made by the public through the new self-service enquiry service to check the Business Registration Numbers of registered businesses for applying extracts of information from the Business Register.

Development work to upgrade the imaging and document management system for Business Registration applications continued during the year. The new system is scheduled for implementation in August 2000.



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