1999-2000 Annual Report, Inland Revenue Department
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Environmental Report


Green Management Policy | Environmental Housekeeping Measures | Way forward

Green Management Policy

The Department is committed to be an excellent tax administration that ensures its services to the public as well as internal operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner. In pursuance of this commitment, the Department has adopted the following principles:

  1. All the Department's operations should be in compliance with the relevant environmental protection ordinances.
  2. The Department should avoid, reduce or control environmental pollution arising from its day-to-day working practice. In particular, it should exercise the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in the consumption of materials.
  3. The Department will require its contractors to adopt and implement sound environmental management systems and pollution control measures in support of an environmental responsibility for its service.
  4. The Department will ensure that all staff are aware of its Green Management Policy and will provide information about its Policy and initiatives to those who are interested.
  5. The Department will provide training for staff to increase awareness and promote continual improvement in protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Environmental Housekeeping Measures

During the year, the Department had further tightened up its existing green house-keeping measures, including:

Way forward

With the onset of this new era, the Department continues to strive towards a paperless medium for its major tax fields and cash receipting system. While plans are in hand to further promote Electronic Service Delivery Scheme to the public, staff handbooks, circulars, notices as well as tax cases and rulings would be uploaded on the departmental LAN to facilitate internal communication. Furthermore, an electronic newspaper clipping service is being commissioned. The Department aims not only at reducing paper usage internally but also at extending the practice to the community by encouraging the public to communicate with us through electronic means.


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