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Disclosure Log

The disclosure log provides summary descriptions of the nature of information requested and released under the Code on Access to Information (“the Code”) by this Department.  The disclosure log will be updated on a quarterly basis.

If any member of the public wishes to obtain any information listed in the disclosure log, an information request should be made to our Access to Information Officer.  Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Code.

January to March 2023  

Entry number Information requested and released
2023-1 The number of Tax Inspector grade officers who were transferred to other government departments or resigned from 2015 to 2023 (as at 17 February 2023)
2023-2 Amounts of Buyer’s Stamp Duty refunded and Ad Valorem Stamp Duty partially refunded pursuant to redevelopment for each of the financial years covering the period from July 2014 to February 2023
2023-3 The names of the successful bidders and the contract sum accepted in a quotation exercise


April to June 2023

Entry number Information requested and released
2023-4 Numbers of prosecutions instituted by the Inland Revenue Department against businesses operating without valid business registration certificates or branch registration certificates in the financial years 2016-17 to 2022-23


July to September 2023

Entry number Information requested and released
2023-5 (A) Establishment and strength of Assessor grade, Tax Inspector grade and Taxation Officer grade officers by rank (position as at 31 July 2023); 
(B) Statistics in respect of the recruitment exercises for Assistant Assessor (published on 19 November 2021) and Assistant Taxation Officer (published on 10 September 2021), including: (1) number of applicants; (2) number of applicants attended the written examination/ skill test/ trades test (if any); (3) number of applicants attended recruitment interview; (4) number of applicants with offers (including those rejected the offer); and (5) aspects of assessment with weightings in the interview assessment form; 
(C) Number of officers resigned in Assessor grade, Tax Inspector grade and Taxation Officer grade in 2022; and
(D) Number of officers retired in Assessor grade, Tax Inspector grade and Taxation Officer grade by rank in Financial Years 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23.


October to December 2023

There were no new entries in this quarter.


Note: The disclosure log does not cover requests from individual persons/companies for information about themselves and their complaint cases, or requests for information already published or available through an existing charged service.