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Application for Certified Copy of a Valid Business / Branch Registration Certificate


In this video, I will demonstrate how to apply for a certified copy of a valid business or branch registration certificate.

Select “View Services” on the eTAX page.  Then select “Application for Supply of Information on the Business Register” and click “Begin Application” at the bottom right hand corner.

Step 1: Read “Personal Information Collection Statement and Important Notes”.  If you agree with the statement and all the terms and conditions, then click “Agree”.
Step 2: Select the second option “Apply for Supply of Information on the Business Register”, then click “Continue”.
Step 3: (a)  Fill in the business registration number and the branch number
(b) If it is a main business, fill in triple zeros as the branch number.  Select Item C – “Certified copy of a valid business / branch registration certificate”, then click the verification code according to the order as shown on the image, and click “Continue”.
(c) Please check the details of your application and click “Confirm”.
(d) If you want to submit another application, please click “Yes”. Otherwise, click “No”.
Step 4: Please select the delivery mode, then fill in the applicant’s name and daytime contact phone number.  If you select to receive the documents by post, please also fill in the postal address.  Then click “Continue” at the bottom right hand corner.
Step 5: (a) Please jot down the “Transaction Reference Number” and click “Pay Now” at the bottom right hand corner after confirming the information on the screen.
(b) Select the payment method, then click “Pay”.  You will then be redirected to the payment page.
Step 6: (a)  After making payment, an acknowledgement page will be displayed. Please save or print this page.
(b) If you have selected to collect the documents in person, please collect the documents at the Business Registration Office within 2 months from the date of application.  When collecting the documents, please present the printed copy or electronic record of the acknowledgement page with your identity document to our staff for checking.  If the applicant is a company, please also bring the company chop for collection of documents.