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(Source : Government Information Centre)

Disposal of classified data stored in used personal computers


In response to media enquiries on the disposal of data stored in personal computers of the Inland Revenue Department(IRD), a Government spokesman said that the Government has stringent regulations governing the disposal of classified data stored in personal computers. All departments must completely clear all classified information before disposal so as to prevent recovery of the classified information.

The IRD has all along complied with the regulations. Before disposal, the IRD has cleared all classified information from the used computers.

There is a concern that, though the classified information has been cleared from the computers, the data may be reconstructed through special programmes/techniques. The spokesman said, "As the Government adopts clearance softwares/techniques which conform to stringent industrial standards, the chances that the data can be reconstructed are extremely remote".

However, in view of the public comments on the disposal of data stored in used computers, the Government decided to defer the date for auctioning the computers (previously scheduled on May 2). Due arrangement will be made after the comments have been considered.

End/Tuesday, April 30,2002