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(Source : Government Information Centre)

2002-03 tax returns issued from today


The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) will issue tax returns for the year of assessment 2002-03 from today (April 1). There are three other electronic forms for furnishing tax returns in addition to the conventional paper form this year:

(i) Use of passwords to file returns for simple property tax and salaries tax cases through touch-tone telephone (telefiling);

(ii) Use of passwords or digital signature to file property tax returns and individual tax returns under the Government's Electronic Service Delivery Scheme; and

(iii) Use of digital signature to file profits tax returns in Electronic Government Forms through the Internet.

A spokesman for the department urged taxpayers to make use of these new convenient services.

Taxpayers who wish to file a tax return electronically with a password have to register with the IRD as a TeleTax user. Registration forms can be downloaded from the IRD website or Fax-a-Form service at 2598 6001.

"Property tax returns are normally issued on the first working day of April each year," the spokesman said. "However, to enable more property owners to make use of the telefiling and Internet filing service, we changed the issue date of property tax returns to April 17 this year." All registered TeleTax users have a password that can be used to perform telefiling and Internet filing.

Taxpayers who have not registered for TeleTax but wish to file this year's property tax returns electronically should apply for TeleTax before April 15.

About 143,000 profits tax returns and 268,000 employer's returns have been issued today. About 100,000 property tax returns and 1.81 million individual tax returns will be issued on April 17 and May 2 respectively. The return forms and forms for furnishing tax returns have been approved by the Board of Inland Revenue.

Commonly asked questions on how to complete profits tax returns and employer's returns are now available on the IRD website. Information on the completion of the property tax returns and individual tax returns will be put up on the IRD homepage on April 17 and May 2 respectively. The spokesman reminded taxpayers to file their correct returns on time.

End/Tuesday, April 1, 2003