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2004-05 Annual Report

The cover of 2004-05 Annual Report Annual Report 2004-05 is offered in PDF (Portable Document Format) Files. PDF file can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available at the Adobe Systems Incorporated.


  Vision, Mission and Values Switch to Vision, Mission and Values
  Contents Switch to Contents
Chapter 1 Commissioner's Overview Switch to Commissioner's Overview
Chapter 2 Revenue Switch to Revenue
Chapter 3 Assessing Functions SSwitch to Assessing Functions
Chapter 4 Collection Switch to Collection
Chapter 5 Field Audit and Investigation Switch to Field Audit and Investigation
Chapter 6 Taxpayer Services Switch to Taxpayer Services
Chapter 7 Information Technology Switch to Information Technology
Chapter 8 Human Resources Switch to Human Resources
Chapter 9 Legislative Amendments Switch to Legislative Amendments
Chapter 10 Environmental Report Switch to Environmental Report
Chapter 11 Miscellaneous Switch to Miscellaneous
  Schedules Switch to Schedules