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Finalisation to iXBRL files - Tax Computation & Financial Statements


In this video, we shall walk you through the finalisation process of tax computation and financial statements into iXBRL data files in the IRD iXBRL Data Preparation Tools.

Please ensure that both tax computation and financial statements have passed all validation checks before finalising them.

Step 1: Click the “Finalise” button to proceed. A pop-up box will appear, showing one drop-down list each for tax computation and financial statements.
Step 2: Users can select either or both validated financial statements or tax computation data file(s) from the drop-down list for finalisation purpose.
Step 3: Click the “Validate” button to proceed.
Step 4: Another pop-up box will appear, click the browser bar and choose the designated location in the users’ local drive to save the iXBRL data files.
Step 5: Click the “Select Folder” button to confirm the location.
Step 6: Click the “Finalise” button to proceed. The status for the tax computation and financial statements will be changed to “finalised”. The finalised files should be exported in XHTML format to the destination set by users.
Step 7: By double clicking the exported files, users can view the finalised iXBRL data file.

We have now come to the end of the video. For further guidance of the Tools, please refer to the User Guide in the link shown.