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e-Seminar for Individual Taxpayers

Points to note

  1. Join the "e-Seminar for Individual Taxpayers"

    If you wish to know more about your tax obligations, how your income should be reported and assessed to tax, how you may claim deductions under Salaries and Profits Tax, or you want to find out whether you may get a tax relief by electing Personal Assessment, we welcome you to visit the"e-Seminar for Individual Taxpayers". Click ENTER.
  2. "Q & A Corner" on the net

    We have uploaded some common questions under "Q & A Corner". Other questions are welcome. If you have any enquiries, you can send us an e-mail at To minimize duplications and for cost-effectiveness, we shall periodically upload answers to the net on a collective basis. Re-visit the “Q & A Corner” from time to time for our update.
  3. Provide general guidance

    The "e-Seminar for Individual Taxpayers" is intended to give general guidance only. For any specific technical issues, you should seek assistance from professional accountants/legal advisors.