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Notes on Payment via Faster Payment System

Please note the following when making payments via Faster Payment System (FPS):- 

  1. You can use the mobile banking app or e-wallet that supports Government FPS bill payments to pay the following IRD bills printed with FPS QR code :

    - Profits / Salaries / Property tax
    - Tax charged under personal assessment
    - Business registration fees
    - Stamp duties
    - Court fees
    - Interest on judgment debts

    For more details and lists of FPS participating banks and e-wallet operators, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited.

  2. Procedures for making payments via FPS:-

    a. Enable the QR code scanner of your mobile banking app or e-wallet. The QR code scanning function provided by individual banks or e-wallets may vary. Please contact your bank or e-wallet operator for details.

    b. Check the daily payment limit pre-set with your bank or e-wallet and ensure that there are sufficient funds.

    c. Scan the FPS QR code printed on the bill, and edit the payment amount, if necessary.

    d. Check and ensure that the payment details including merchant name, bill number and payment amount are correct before confirming the payment instruction, then retain the payment record. For the merchant name of the bills issued by the Department, please refer to the table below:


    Merchant Name


    Inland Revenue Department - Profits Tax


    Inland Revenue Department - Salaries Tax


    Inland Revenue Department - Property Tax


    Inland Revenue Department - Personal Assessment


    Inland Revenue Department - Business Registration Fees


    Inland Revenue Department - Branch Registration Fees


    Inland Revenue Department - Stamp Duties


    Inland Revenue Department - Court Fees


    Inland Revenue Department - Interest on Judgment Debts


  3. FPS payments successfully made on or before 5:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) will be receipted on the same day. Any FPS payments made after 5:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day.

  4. For payment of salaries tax, profits tax and tax under personal assessment (except for profits tax for corporations and partnership business, and property tax for jointly owned properties), an e-receipt will be issued to your eTAX Account in place of a paper receipt. For more information on e-receipts, please see Electronic Receipts. For payment of profits tax for corporations and partnership business, and property tax for jointly owned properties, a paper receipt will be issued by the Department.

  5. For payment of business registration fees, a receipted Business Registration Certificate will be sent to your business address after the IRD has received your payment. If you do not receive the receipted Business Registration Certificate within 1 week from the date of payment, you may call the Business Registration Office at 2594 3144 for enquiry.

  6. For e-stamping payment, you can download the stamp certificate from the e-stamping system within 2 working days after payment.