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Filing of tax return on time

Individuals Tax Returns for 2023/24 have been issued on 2 May 2024. Taxpayers are required to complete and send the tax return back to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) within 1 month from the date of issue of the return (i.e. on or before 3 June 2024). For sole-proprietors of unincorporated businesses, the deadline for submission is extended to 2 August 2024. An extension of 1 month will be given automatically if the return is filed electronically.

Filing your tax return on time, be a compliant taxpayer 

If you file your Tax Return - Individuals on time, the information provided in your tax return will assist the Assessor to prepare your assessment correctly and your claims for deductions for tax allowances, approved charitable donations and home loan interest etc. will be duly taken into account.

Taxpayers who have earned no income or of an amount below their allowance entitlements do not have to pay tax. Nonetheless, should they receive a tax return from the IRD, they are still required to complete and send it back to the IRD in time.

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Consequences of NOT filing your tax return on time 

If you do not file your tax return on time, you may be required to pay a penalty, or even prosecuted. A further possible consequence is that you may be required to pay more tax. This is because without your furnishing the relevant details, the Assessor will issue an estimated assessment and demand for tax without granting your allowance entitlements and deductions in respect of contributions to Mandatory Provident Funds, approved charitable donations, expenses of self-education and home loan interest etc.

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Non-receipt of tax return 

If you receive a tax return every year in the past but have not received the Tax Return - Individuals for this year, please call 187 8022 to check whether a tax return for 2023/24 has been issued to you. Alternatively, you may get a duplicate tax return by visiting at the Central Enquiry Counter at G/F, Inland Revenue Centre, 5 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong during office hours. eTAX Account holder may check whether there is any tax return that you have not yet filed in the Tax Position Section of your eTAX Account any time round the clock.

If you change your postal address, you are required to notify the IRD within 1 month.

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How to complete the tax return 
If you have any enquiry concerning the completion of the Tax Return - Individuals (BIR60), you may call 187 8022 or see how to complete BIR60.

N. B. :
The law requires both the employer and the employee to separately report income to the IRD. Therefore, it is not an acceptable excuse that you do not file your tax return on time because your employer has already reported your income to the IRD. Failure by any person to report his/her correct income may result in the omission of income without reasonable excuse, an act liable to heavy penalty.