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Printing Templates for Profits Tax Returns [BIR51 & BIR52]

You can input data in these templates and then print the data on the paper Profits Tax returns (BIR51/BIR52) for submission.  Only the data filled in the input boxes will be printed.  Since the settings of different brands or models of printers may vary, the templates provided below may not be suitable for all the printers available in the market.  As such, before putting the paper Profits Tax return into the printer tray for printing, please select a template which fits with the settings of your printer and perform a test by printing the filled data on a draft paper with same size of the return to make sure that the data filled in the template is printed on the right position of the return.  If the templates provided below are not suitable for your printer, please use a typewriter or other means to complete the returns.  You can now download the Printing Templates for Profits Tax Returns by clicking the following links:

Special Points to Note

  • After completion, please select a printer which can print paper in A3 size (i.e. 297mm x 420mm).

  • Please select "actual size" and "landscape" for printing.

  • To avoid paper jam, it is recommended to print one page at a time.

  • Please repeat the above steps to print the next page.