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Format specifications for Supporting Documents accompanying Profits Tax Return and Control List (IR1477)

The Inland Revenue Department appeals to your cooperation to observe the following guidelines when you prepare the supporting documents in paper format to be filed with each return and control list, if applicable:

  • Use plain white paper with a matt surface and of medium weight (grammage around 76 gsm) and A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm).  Binding cover is NOT necessary.

  • Print or type the text clearly and legibly on paper in permanent black ink, of uniform density, and use font of at least size 11.

  • Add a header on each page to show the name of business and/or its file reference.

  • Staple the documents together firmly at the top left corner.  Do not bind the documents by screw, ring, rivet, binding bar, double wire ring, nor paste.  Do not seal the documents.

  • Duplex printing is acceptable.