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New application features of eTAX Portal

eTAX is the gateway to the Inland Revenue Department’s electronic services.  It offers users a simpler, quicker, more secure and environment-friendly way to comply with the tax law.  As a continuous effort to provide quality services to the public, the department today (August 14) launched the revamped eTAX portal with more user-friendly applications to help users meet their tax obligations more easily.

With the adoption of responsive web design in the new platform, the applications on eTAX bring to you not only efficiency, effectiveness and convenience when conducting electronic transactions on desktop computers or mobile devices, but also the sense of receiving better quality of service and user experience. 

The following briefly outlines the key features of the new applications:


Service type

Added application feature

eTAX Portal

Adoption of responsive web design gives users the optimal viewing and interaction experience by automatically adjusting the contents to perfectly fit the screen sizes, resolutions and orientation whether using desktop computers or mobile devices.

e-Filing of Tax Returns - Individuals

A new service is introduced to allow taxpayers to keep record for deductions (for example: approved charitable donations) under Salaries Tax and Personal Assessment in their eTAX accounts in advance for subsequent automatic pre-filling in their Tax Returns - Individuals. 

e-Filing of Applications to Amend Tax Assessments or Provisional Tax

The service is enhanced to allow taxpayers to upload attachments of a maximum of five files with a total of 200 MB in size to support their applications.   

 Employer's Return e-Filing Services

  • Preparation limit of IR56B/F records using the IR56 Forms Preparation Tool has been enhanced from 800 to 2,000 sets.
  • Uploading capacity of data file(s) has been enhanced from 800 to 5,000 sets of IR56B/F records for each upload.
  • Mixed Mode submission procedures for IR56B/F records have been simplified such that employers are only required to sign and submit the 1-page (i.e. Cover Page) Control List to replace the prior requirement of signing on each and every page.

For more details of the Employer’s Return e-Filing Services, please visit:

Business Registration (“BR”) e-Services

The e-Service of “Application for Business or Branch Registration” has been enhanced to allow (a) uploading copies of the identity documents of up to five partners for the BR application of a partnership; (b) online viewing and downloading the BR application result, including the valid Business Registration Certificate.

Taking this opportunity, the department encourages members of the public to sign up for an eTAX account via the department’s website at to enjoy the convenience, environment-friendly, and secure tax services at your fingertips.